Security Solutions for Sports & Entertainment Venues

Since Ethical Equations was founded in 2000, our main focus has been providing venue services to the Sports and Entertainment Industry. This includes experience working in stadiums, arenas, and concert venues around the world. Our skilled staff has worked behind concession stands, served alcohol,  supervised ticket takers and ushers ,and developed cash control systems to help business owners more effectively manage large scale operations.

As industry experts, we understand the major challenges presented while running an operation within a large venue or arena. As the owner or operator of your business, you can face serious repercussions and be held liable for their actions if your staff is violating ethical business practices. With an extensive background in venue security, each member of the Ethical Equations staff is educated in all current regulations, allowing us to offer comprehensive security consultations for your operations.

Some of our Venue Services include:

Cash Handling

Employees handling cash throughout an event at a concession stand, portable, bar or retail location can be a liability for your business if the cash is not handled correctly. The goal is to ensure that all cash is being safely deposited into a cash office . Our cash handling agents insure the integrity and security of funds from the distribution of opening banks to interim pick-ups, and change exchanges through final closing deposits. We have experience working within the largest professional sporting venues in the country.

Inventory Control

Not only do we offer loss prevention assessments and services to to reduce vulnerabilities in areas such as retail operations, vending commissaries, and warehouses, but we also help analyze areas your business can reduce costs to maximize profits.

Alcohol Compliance

If your area of responsibility involves alcohol service, monitoring of staff to ensure policy compliance is essential.

Our employees are fully trained, licensed, and are highly effective in the area of alcohol  service, and  regulation compliance.

Event Staff

Ushers, Ticket Takers, Guest Services Box Office Staff,and Parking Attendants  are the employees your guests interact with throughout an event. These encounters help to shape the overall guest experience.

Our management team can assist in enhancing fundamentals to ensure compliance with location protocols.

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Our specialized programs focus on areas that affect Facility Operators and Concessionaires.