Mystery Shopping Services:
Ensuring Quality Customer Service

Trust our experts to be your Ethical Eyes!

Would you like the ability to blend into the crowd and experience your business operations in practice? With our Mystery Shopping Program, known as Ethical Eyes, we’ll provide you with the resources to view how current employees, associates, or volunteers are interacting and servicing your patrons, customers, and/or guests.  

The information provided within our impartial assessment of your business captures the entire customer experience, while also identifying opportunities to measure customer loyalty, enhance employee performance, and improve procedural standards that will affect your sales and profits.

Our Secret Shoppers Assess the
Following Areas of your
Business Operations:

  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Cash Handling
  • Retail Shrinkage/Shortages
  • Event Staff
  • Parking
  • Physical Security

View your Mystery Shopping Results Online!

During your secret shopping service, Ethical Equations records interactions using state-of-the-art, high definition digital recording equipment. This will allow you to personally view each interactions instead of only reading a detailed report.

All of our findings and videos are uploaded into our online system, and are then emailed to you as a customized report. Within the email, a link will be provided to view all of the data and videos our staff has gathered for your business assessment. All information and video footage is password protected and stored on our servers for your security and confidentiality. Our user-friendly system allows our clients to safely retrieve results, and may be tracked by location, individual, or area of concentration.

To find out more about our mystery shoppers or business evaluation services, contact an Ethical Equations professional today.


Our experienced staff goes undercover to provide detailed information on how your business is functioning.